The church and UMA

The last few days I spent implementing a new environment: the church. Collecting the right assets (both graphics and music) and setting the right tone was quite a task, but here we are. I’ve also started the implementation of UMA, a very powerful but also very complicated system that will enable me to implement hundreds of different bodies, faces and clothes into the game. Once my wife remarked that of the three NPC’s in the game, all of them had the same face, I knew I was in for trouble. I haven’t got UMA working for the player himself yet, but if needed we can just keep letting him use the standard model as is: it’s unique in itself.

The priest in the church is the first model using UMA, and though you won’t notice much difference with the other models in the game, it’s important to realize that this is not a static model, but one that can be changed into hundreds of other variations: id est, it’s a proof of concept that this is going to work, and that it will be possible to get hundreds of NPC’s in the game if needed.

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Close-up shots
Upgrade to Unity 2018.3