New UMA model and music

Development has been absolute hell the past few days. It became clear that we had to rebuild a large part of the game to be able to accommodate to multiple characters, with different faces and clothes, not to mention the fact that many of these characters will switch clothes and weapons during the game. Fixed character models were no longer enough, and everything had to be adapted to the so-called UMA model, a flexible character model that enables you to mold bodies and equipment in any shape you wish. One nasty bug kept us busy for three entire days (the character got stuck in the landscape and was unable to move), but thanks to the help of the great people behind UMA, we finally found the culprit (it was the AI Character Control that navigates the character through the landscape if you click on the landscape instead of using your WASD keys).

The result? Exactly the same game as before, but with a lot more flexibility for the future: we can now accommodate literally hundreds of different characters with different haircuts, faces, ears, noses, eyes, shirts, pants, shoes… you name it. For an RPG, this is an important feature.

Meanwhile Eppo has been working on one of the main music themes of the game. Lots of music you hear in the videos is still stock music, but the plan is to replace all of this with our own music. In this video you see some of the progress we made. The music is by far not final yet (what is, in a game that is still in development?), but it should give you an impression of what we’re aiming for.

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