Loot and item stacks

Not all items are quest items. Sometimes you just need to gather ingredients for alchemy or money. Therefore, now all enemies drop items. From this, it’s an easy step to drop chances and drop loot tables.

Gathering all these items also means that your inventory will be full soon, which is why items in your inventory can stack now: a small number indicates the number of each item you have. This is pretty complicated to accomplish: when you add an item, we first need to check whether it already exists in your inventory. If not, we add a new item. If it does, we merely raise the number of the existing item. When you remove an item, we need to check how many of these items are in your inventory. If it’s more than 1, we simply lower the number of that item. If it’s exactly 1, then we completely remove it from the inventory. If one of these things go wrong, things go haywire and numbers start changing magically everywhere.

The character now also no longer moves after clicking an item you can pick up or use. This “feature” was not only annoying, it also resulted in countless glitches that enabled the character to move through walls and such.

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