First quest implemented!

This is proof that the basic game mechanics are now working: we got ourselves our very first quest! It’s a simple mission, but a very important one nonetheless. What do you think? What is good already? What can be done better? And the most important question: can you find out why the main character suddenly feels stronger? Look carefully!

To get this working, several core mechanics were implemented, some of the basic story architecture was modified and several assets had to be programmed (like the opening door of the cage). And of course everything has to work together: the door can only open after the key has been found, if you click on the lock while the key has not been found yet, the door may not open, and all those other scenarios that are very easy to forget if you’re not careful. Testing, testing and testing is the only way to find all possible scenarios.

We also got ourselves the very first basics of something that can be called an inventory. Currently it’s only one line of code remembering whether we got ourselves that key yes or no. But the rest of the code is communicating with this inventory, which means that it can now easily be expanded. The next step will of course be to actually display this key in an inventory window. Then comes inventory management, et cetera, et cetera.

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